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Red Korean ginseng - Specials


In this group you will find our SPECIAL PRODUCTS: products of which Benseng International BV is one of the few providers globally.

Special Product forms

Benseng International BV offers specials of the Red Korean Ginseng root in the following product forms:

CodeDutch nameLatin name

English name

Level quality guarantees
Productcode Productdescriptionlownormalhigh
GINRrode koreaanse ginsengPanax ginseng CA Meijer (red)red korean ginseng---
SPECIALSRKEV04LIQUID red korean ginseng ethanol extract (4% ginsenosides)-SPEC-

In case you are looking for a kind of product (form) that is not mentioned on this page, please do not hesitate to ask us. In cooperation with our suppliers and manufacturers we will do our utmost best to assist you in your search for that particular product.


Fluid Red Korean Ginseng ETHANOL extract (prod. Code: RKEV04): This fluid tincture contains a standardized level of active Ginseng ingredients: about 4% ginsenosides. This extract can be produced with an alcohol percentage of 40-80% m/m at your request. The solution has a brown color, and it is perfectly suitable for addition to (alcoholic) beverages and/or cosmetic products.

The high alcohol percentage puts this product at risk for explosion and therefore requires special safety measures regarding production, transport and storage.

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