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The positive effect of White Korean Ginseng on the skin has been known in Asia for a long time. The Ginseng has a regenerative effect on the skin cells.

A disadvantage of directly applying ginseng extract to the skin is that it is very sticky and leaves marks on clothing.

By combining knowledge and experience of White Korean Ginseng and cosmetics production, it is possible to produce cosmetic products with a uniquely high level of ginsenosides.

When producing White Korean ginseng extract powder with a high level of ginsenosides, the dissolved extract powder will have a brown/yellow color. It is unavoidable that the same color will be transferred to cosmetic products that are created with the extract.

To avoid this discoloration, an almost colorless transparent liquid White Korean ginseng extract can be added. Unfortunately the content of ginsenosides of these liquid extracts is so low, that no therapeutic active cosmetic product can be obtained.

Benseng International BV has had a lot of experience with White Korean Ginseng, and we can now produce almost any cosmetic with any desired Ginsenoside content. Especially in Ginseng ointment, Ginseng body lotion and Ginseng shampoo we are able to achieve very high amounts of ginsenosides. We do this in a way that still allows pleasant use of the products.

Composition cosmetics

For cosmetic Ginseng products it is important to use an extract powder that is soluble in water, and to make sure other basic ingredients are balanced proportionally. This is necessary to allow optimal intake of the product by the skin, tissue and blood vessels.

Because cosmetics with White Korean Ginseng are often used by people with sensitive skin, we prefer not to add any colorants or fragrances to the basic recipe.

As the dose of the added concentrated White Korean ginseng is increased the end product will be of darker color. On the other hand: the more concentrated the Ginseng extract powder used, with an equal ginsenoside level in the final product, the color will be lighter.

Most common product forms

Benseng International BV offers the more warming White Korean Ginseng cosmetics in the following product forms:

CodeDutch nameLatin name

English name

Level quality guarantees
Productcode Productdescriptionlownormalhigh
GINwitte koreaanse ginsengPanax ginseng CA Meijerwhite korean ginseng---
Cosmetica:KZAnnMEDICINAL korean ginseng OINTMENT/CREME (2% ginsenosides)-SPEC-
KBLnnMEDICINAL korean ginseng BODYLOTION (1,5% ginsenosides)-SPEC-
KSHnnMEDICINAL korean ginseng SHAMPOO (1% ginsenosides)-SPEC-

In case you are looking for a kind of product (form) that is not mentioned on this page, please do not hesitate to ask us. In cooperation with our suppliers and manufacturers we will do our utmost best to assist you in your search for that particular product.


All White Korean Ginseng cosmetics can easily be delivered in bulk: in buckets or jerry cans.

As you desire, Benseng International BV can supply the cosmetic in any consumer package and volume you ask for.

At your request it is possible for us to label consumer packages as well as box them.


To the regular White Korean Ginseng cosmetics no additional colorants or fragrances are added. Therefore the scent and color of the product are determined by ginseng and the other basic ingredients used.

Ginseng ointment:

White Korean Ginseng ointment with 2% ginsenosides (product code: KZAnn) was tested by allergy specialists. Tests showed good tolerance, particularly in people with problematic skin.

This White Korean Ginseng ointment is exceptionally qualified for use in patients suffering from psoriasis, eczema, wounds, blisters, bedsores, cleaves, muscle aches and so on and so forth. A positive effect on cellulite has recently been established. The high dose of ginsenosides in this ointment makes it suitable for application on relatively small areas.

benseng white korean ginseng zalf

The very high concentration of ginsenosides gives the ointment its brown color.

Ginseng bodylotion:

For treatment of larger surfaces of the skin, like in the case of psoriasis, sunburn, eczema et al., there is a body lotion with 1,5% ginsenosides (product code: BLnn). If one were to apply the highly concentrated ointment for such large surfaces, the large amounts of ginsenosides may cause difficulties falling asleep. Effects of Korean Ginseng body lotion and Korean Ginseng ointment are comparable.

Ginseng shampoo:

White Korean Ginseng shampoo with 1% ginsenosides (product code: SHnn) is particularly suitable for people with a problematic scalp. To optimize the effect of the ginsenosides in the shampoo it is advisable to let the shampoo absorb into the skin for a minimum of about 15-20 minutes before rinsing it out.

This shampoo has shown positive effects in treatment of psoriasis, eczema, dandruff and other scalp problems.


Most cosmetic products with White Korean Ginseng worldwide contain about 0.1-0.2% ginsenosides.

For optimal therapeutic effects of cosmetic products with White Korean Ginseng it is advisable to use a product that contains at least 1-1.5% ginsenosides. From a ginsenoside content of 2% and up, the effects of a cosmetic product compares to direct application of pure Ginseng extract on the skin.

For visual and financial reasons lower doses are usually employed.

Positive actions and effects of cosmetic products with White Korean Ginseng seem to decline more than proportionally as the ginsenoside level in the product is lowered.

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